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LED Rail and Transit Lighting 

Since inception of the LED lighting technology in the Locomotive and Transit Car applications SLS has been at the forefront in providing products manufactured to the highest standard. Our LED products are manufactured to ensure operators take advantage of longer lamp life this technology offers but at the same time ensuring all safety requirements are met. Our conventional lighting knowledge was transferred in these designs so that fitting in existing housings and required light output beam angles are also met. This ensures end users do not have to make concession in their needs just to lower lamp change outs to only take advantage of longer life. In addition SLS is the only manufacturer that currently has the ability to provide watertight LED lamp designs.

SLS continuously is involved with manufacturing of new LED designs, thus products exhibited below may not be the full extent of manufactured lamps.


CFR 49 Section 229.125 (a) (1)

CFR 49 Section 229.125 (a) (2)

CFR 49 Section 229.125 (b)

CFR 49 Section 229.125 (2)

US Patent No. 10,982,834 

Order Code: SLS 75VDC 40W LED PAR56

Item Code: 40LEDPAR56/SP 75V

Warranty:  3 Years

Order Code: SLS-75VDC-3W-CLC

Item Code: RS50A19LED-3WCORN

Warranty: 5 Years

*Available in 5000K Color Temperature

Order Code: SLS-75VDC-6WLL-WT

Item Code: RS50A19LED-6W

Warranty: 3 Years

*Available in 3000K Color Temperature

Order Code: SLS-75VDC-3W 5000K

Item Code: SLS30S11LED

Direct Replacement for S11 75VDC 30W Incandescent

*Available in 3000K Color Temperature

Order Code: SLS-6V-C35-9S-4K

Item Code: 6VC35LED

Direct Replacement GE 44, 47, 238, 755, 1810, 1847 and 1866 Incandescent

             Base: Available inSCBay 15MM - single contact    

Order Code: SLS-S8-LED-75VDC-1W-4K

Item Code: 15S8-LED-DC-75V

Direct Replacement for S11, S8 and S6

Order Code: SLS-S8-LED-37.5VDC-1W-3K

Item Code: 15S8-LED-DC-37.5V

Direct Replacement for S11, S8 and S6

Base: Available in SCBay 15MM - single contact

Also available in Red and Yellow

Order Code: SLS-S8-LED-37.5VDC-1W-3K-120L

Item Code: 15S8-LED-DC-37.5V-120

Direct Replacement for S11, S8 and S6

Base: Available in SCBay 15MM - single contact

Also available in Red and Amber

Order Code: SLS-S6-LED-75VDC-0.9W-5K

Item Code: 6S6-LED-75V-E12

Direct Replacement for S6 75V

Order Code SLS-75VDC-8W-C

Item Code: 16185602

Order Code: SLS-75VDC-2W-C

Item Code: 16185601

Order Code SLS-75VDC-ARW

Item Code: 16185603

Order Code: SLS-A-0102

Order Code: LS-T8-18W-1200-DC

    >220º Angle

*When Ordering Specify:

a) Lens (F – for Frost or C – for Clear), 

b) Color Temperature (3K – for 3000K, 5K – for 5000K) 

c) Voltage desired – Also available in 36V DC, 75V DC, 110V DC and 277V AC

Example Lumens output 22W with 5000K and Frost Lens = 2,420 lumens

They come with standard G13 rotatable base or FA8 and R17D type base

Product complies with the following standards

EN50121-3-2: 2015 Railway applications - EMC - Rolling stock – Apparatus

EN50155: 2007, Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock

RIA12 – General specification for the protection of traction and rolling stock electronic equipment for transients surges in DC control system

RIA13 – General specification for electronic equipment used on traction and rolling stock

EN61373 – Requirements for vibration and shock testing of equipment for railway vehicle

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