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Halogen Locomotive and Transit Lighting

SLS Halogen lamps offer extended lamp life and due to their specialty filament designs and Halogen gas technology. In addition, SLS has instituted off line processes to ensure consistency and reliability of delivered product. Some of these processes include but are not limited to randomly picked lamps to perform vibration testing, special annealing procedure to eliminate glass stress and 100% light up test on each lamp before it is packed and shipped to users. Also every manufactured batch undergoes independent laboratory light output tests for FRA 200,000 candelas requirement is met by each lamp in the field, to ensure safety. These products are in total compliance with CFR 49 Section 229.125 (a) (1), CFR 49 Section 229.125 (a) (2), CFR 49 Section 229.125 (b) and CFR 49 Section 229.125 (2).


While large conventional lamp manufacturers are deciding to discontinue low volume manufacturing of Halogen lamp technology for this application as well as others in 2017, SLS will continue to support its customers with supply of Halogen lamps.

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