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Aircraft Halogen Lighting

Smart Light Source invested a wide array of its resources and technical expertise in Aircraft Landing Lights solutions. Products are designed with one key element in mind – significantly reduce maintenance and operating cost while ensuring safety measures are met. In order to achieve this, off line quality processes are instituted to ensure consistency and reliability in delivered product. Some of these processes include but are not limited to randomly picked lamps to perform vibration testing, special annealing procedure to eliminate glass stress and 100% light up test on each lamp before it is packed and shipped to users. Our products are used in many applications for commercial aircraft, regional and business jet, military aircraft and helicopters.


SLS obtains its Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We also issue 8130-3 tags for export.


SLS is currently involved in design, manufacturing and testing of specialty LED landing lights. These products will have rugged housing solutions, innovative electronics controls and LED designs to solve problems with other LED designs. The products will be competitively priced to ensure quick adaptation. 

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